Our mission


To support the paradigm shift in agricultural sciences from improvement of productivity towards improvement of circularity.


  1. Raising awareness and triggering discussions about circular farming concepts, challenges, innovations, practices and science through events and discussions
  2. Achieving changes within the curricula of WUR in different study fields, with the involvement of platform participants, students and study associations


Our target group is inclusive: students, PhDs, professors, researchers, professionals. We welcome anyone interested in our activities to join. 

Statements of the participating organizations

AGRIFORUM WAGENINGEN (more to come later) More info

BOERENGROEP explores and promotes other ways of farming and of organizing agri-food systems, by critically reflecting on agricultural developments. We bring students to the field and farmers to the university. We believe that a shift towards healthy and more inclusive agricultural systems is needed.  Through this platform, we facilitate space for dialogue on circular farming, between science and practice. More info


GREEN OFFICE supports the platform as an important initiative which contributes highly to the sustainability goals of WUR.

“Green Office Wageningen is always linking, learning and innovating for a more sustainable Wageningen University and Research. We are initiators and supporters of the Circular Farming Platform Wageningen because we believe that our University plays a large role in the transition from productivity towards circularity of farming practices all over the world. WUR has spoken out that they are indeed dedicated to contribute to this transition and we believe that this platform is a good initiative to speed things up.” More info

NETWORK SMART FERTILIZATION recognizes the urgent need for practical advice on circular farming based on independent scientific research . It considers the platform as an important vehicle to set into motion the required structural and organizational transformations in agricultural research, education and communication. More info

WAGENINGEN ENVIRONMENTAL PLATFORM (WEP) is a platform for students with a pro-active stance on sustainability. WEP aims to motivate and inspire students to ‘green’ their behavior and lifestyle and does so by organizing events like excursions and lectures and by promoting local initiatives. We see the urgent need for change within our education and the practice on circular systems especially within the sector of agriculture. We see this collaboration as a great change to stimulate this shift and we are very excited to be a part of CFPW. WEPTALKS as a subdivision of WEP that mainly focuses on (interactive) lectures. More info