Who we are

The Circular Farming Platform Wageningen is a WUR-affiliated organization which aims to accelerate the transition towards a more circular farming, both in practice, research and in education. The Platform was founded in October 2018 by several green student organizations (Boerengroep, Green Office, WEPTALKS) and by Network Smart Fertilization. Today Agriforum is also a participating organization of the platform.

It is our belief that such a transition requires not merely adjustments to farming practices but also relies upon shifts at different levels, ranging from text books to business models, to new connections between stakeholders in the food system.

To achieve this, our strategy is to raise awareness about circular farming and foster exchange of knowledge in different disciplines between students, practitioners and researchers.

Our end goal is to introduce changes in the curricula of Wageningen University, to better prepare graduates of all disciplines for the circular farming transition, as well as to provide a forum for critical discussions about circular farming concepts and practices.


CFPW was founded on October 1, 2018 in response to the call for action made by:

  1. the Dutch Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Safety, Carola Schouten, in the vision document "The Netherlands frontrunner in Circular Agriculture" presented on september 8, 2018.
  2. the chairman of Wageningen University & Research, Louise Fresco, in the Mansholtlecture held in Brussels on september 19, 2018, summarised as follows:

It is about 60 years ago that Sicco Leendert Mansholt and his colleagues in Europe initiated the modernization of European agriculture with an emphasis on increasing productivity, farmers’ incomes, and food supply, with stable and affordable prices for producers and consumers. With the increasing production, land and resources become limiting; residuals of crop and livestock production become problematic waste; emissions related to production become a burden for the quality of soil, water and air;health issues related to production intensification become a major concern.

Towards circularity in agricultural production:
The key challenge is to secure a sustainable and healthy nutrition security within the capacity of planet earth and human society. A paradigm shift from optimization in production towards optimization in resource use. Europe’s future lies not in a linear but in a circular food system with an integrated use of regenerative natural resources and associated agro-biomass.

Meet the team

- Herre Bartlema (SFS)
- Yanina Willet (Boerengroep)
- Louise Vercruysse (Boerengroep)
- Pauline Martel (Boerengroep)
- Emily Browne (WEPtalks)
- Linde Berg (Green Office)
- Robin van der Sluijs (Green Office)
- Lotte van Dueren den Hollander (Agriforum)
- Bas Vullings (Agriforum)